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Vanessa worked for me as a night nanny to our boy and girl twins for 2 months. I highly recommend her as a night nanny, she did a fantastic job for us. Not only was she punctual and always reliable, but she also gave us lots of very useful tips on sleep and night feeds. I was more than happy to leave our 3 months old twins in her capable hands at night while we could enjoy uninterrupted 8 hours sleep. You can imagine she was quite the life saver! Vanessa is a lovely lady and built a nice rapport with us and our twins, I can see that she genuinely loves her job. I would happily employ her again. 


Mr & Mrs Patel 

Vanessa joined us for one month as a Night Nanny for our new born daughter, which really helped Mum during her C-section recovery.  She looked after our little girl wonderfully, and was very patient and gentle with her.  She was happy to take our direction as well as offer helpful suggestions on how best to tackle any issues that arose. She was very supportive of the decision to breastfeed, and helped to suggest techniques to make the feeds smoother.  Before leaving each morning, Vanessa would always give us a run-down of how the last night went, and would also leave written notes for us - which was very helpful and very reassuring. She always arrived on time, was very reliable, and - most importantly - she was a natural with our baby and our older toddler. We would certainly recommend her to anyone looking for a Night Nanny. 



We worked with Vanessa twice. Initially she helped us as a night nanny for 2 nights when my daughter was 8 weeks old. She was able to settle her throughout the night allowing us to catch up on some much needed sleep. The second time she helped us to sleep train our daughter when she was six month old. It‘s emotionally very difficult to let your baby protest without you intervene, so having someone to support you and guide you through it made a big difference. We made very good progress in only 2 nights. 


I would recommend working with Vanessa if your require support.


Abi & Giles                                        

My wife and I used Vanessa’s services as a night nurse for 5 weeks following the birth of our daughter.  We would have absolutely no hesitation whatsoever in highly recommending her as an excellent and professional night nanny to anyone.  She is punctual, caring and always on hand to give best advice to parents.  We had an absolutely wonderful experience with her and were delighted with the results.



Vanessa looked after our little girl from the age of 2 months. She had an instant connection with our little girl and we were sad to see her go once our little one was sleeping through the night. I felt 100% comfortable with Vanessa and she was always flexible even coming early some evenings to babysit. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend her to anyone. We were so pleased with her and our little girl also adored her


Adam & Shona

We benefitted hugely from Vanessa coming to help sleep train our six month old. She took time to understand our baby, listening to different signs and signals and we worked on a simple plan together which was effective.   in less than a week our little girl was sleeping from 7 pm to 7 am  Previously we might have been up ten times a night. Vanessa proved Invaluable!   We would recommend to anyone with similar problems.



I hired Vanessa to help me on and off for a period of about 6 weeks. My son was 2 months at the time and I was really struggling. From the moment I met Vanessa I felt instantly comfortable and I knew that I could trust her. Vanessa was very gentle with my son and she was happy to take instructions from me as to how I wanted her to handle him.

Vanessa always arrived on time and always reported to me in the morning about exactly how the night had been, which I found comforting. I also found Vanessa very easy to talk to. She has two children of her own and so she is well aware of the struggles that a mum with a young baby faces!


I would be happy to recommend Vanessa to anyone who asked.



After spending 9 months with virtually no sleep, it was time to get help. That is when Vanessa showed me the light. It simply took her 2 nights to help me train my son to sleep through the night. He was sleeping through the night in no time and I was back in my bed (Having forgotten what that felt like). So would I recommend Vanessa, the answer would be: oh yes. Only next time I'd make sure I called her sooner. 



I have known Vanessa for more than twenty-five years during which time she has worked for me carrying out a range of jobs.  She was mainly concerned in childcare - looking after my three children.  She cared for them from when they were very tiny through to early teens.

Vanessa is a resourceful and caring person, she always ensured that the children were safe while allowing independence; she was always creating some new experience or expedition; she was firm but fair, setting boundaries but having fun was very important.  

Vanessa is a very resilient person, her cheerfulness has got us through when things were not going well, she has boundless energy and she is a motivator.

Vanessa also cooked for me for dinner parties, excellent meals and she has made many of my children’s birthday cakes to their orders, exceedingly challenging!

We’re here to help. Call Chris: 07821 666 223 or Vanessa: 07956 442 748

We’re here to help. Call Chris: 07821 666 223 or Vanessa: 07956 442 748

What families are saying about us…


Nick & Emma, Primrose Hill

We are very happy to give a reference for Chris. She spent 5 months, 5 nights a week, with us as a night nanny after the arrival of our twins. We wouldn't have survived without her! She provided so much more than night cover. Chris brought her huge experience to bear, and was always willing to give us the benefit of her advice. She was wonderful with the boys, being firm but kind with them, and warm to us. Her structured approach to sleep meant that not only were we able to get sleep when she was with us but she has left us in a position where the boys sleep through most nights now. Thank you


Michelle and Jay, Muswell Hill

I started looking for a night nanny as soon as I went on maternity leave as the realisation hit that I didn't really have a clue what to do with a new born. I found Chris through a recommendation on Facebook and upon meeting her myself and my husband felt she would be perfect to help us in those early weeks. We had her stay several nights a week and she helped advise us on getting a sleep pattern early on which our son has since stuck to! Allowing us some much needed sleep in between night feeds. She was so lovely with our little boy and we totally trusted her with his care. We picked up many invaluable tips from our chats when she would arrive in the evening. It was money well spent and I would defiantly recommend her. 


Danya, Hampstead Garden Suburb

Chris was a night nanny for our baby boy for the first seven weeks of his life, from early December 2015 until mid-January 2016.We found Chris to be caring, extremely knowledgeable, and to have a great knack for putting our baby to sleep. She was unobtrusive in our home. She was impeccably reliable. She minimised the night time strain on me by bringing my baby to me when he needed to be nursed, but only when he needed to be nursed .She helped place our baby on a good night time schedule, giving me confidence that I can care for him now throughout the night without undue strain.

Rachel, Kensal Rise

We used Chris as a night nanny as I was finding sleepless nights really difficult, and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend her.  She is reliable, personable and keenly interested in the welfare of the babies she cares for - and more importantly, she is gentle and kind with them (it is clear she has a real affinity for babies and a wealth of experience).  More importantly, because of her calm reassuring manner, I felt totally calm about leaving my 3 month old son in her care.  She was also extremely helpful on strategies to support him sleeping through the night (which he is now doing) and was very happy to answer any questions I had about about caring for my baby 


Sarah & Nick, Belsize Park

Chris stayed with us for a few nights a week for around seven weeks after my first child was born.  She is not only an extremely kind and caring lady, but she also has years and years of experience with babies, so was practically very helpful. At first, Chris would sit up with me during the night while I was feeding my daughter and we would often discuss things related to raising children - she would constantly give me tips on anything from establishing a good sleep pattern, to which bottles to use, to winding techniques. She would also listen to my concerns and help me think through them in a very calm and reassuring way.  Once my daughter was a couple weeks old, Chris then took over the night feeds, using a bottle, which meant I was able to get some much needed sleep.  Chris would take care of feeding, winding, nappy changing and settling which was very helpful.  It was clear that Chris cared a great deal for my daughter and as a first time mum I very quickly felt comfortable with Chris looking after her and it was a pleasure to have her with us.


Mr & Mrs E, Crouch End            

Chris was the best decision we made after out little girl was born. Chris arrived promptly 3 nights a week and we immediately felt at ease with her and trusted her completely with our baby. People warn you how tough the first few months can be but having Chris meant we felt supported and rested and were able to enjoy each other as well as our new baby girl!  It’s just a shame she is not a day nanny otherwise we would still been employing her now! The best money you will ever spend. 


Some of Chris’ Sleep Training References


After 9 months of tiredness and not getting enough sleep I was looking for solution.  Every night after making my 9 months old son sleep, I was searching for help how to make my son sleep without being around him all the time.  After lots of web search luckily I found Chris’ website, for some reason I don’t know why I had a feeling that she is the right person I have found.  I was right, Chris she was the best she helped me a lot she gave me lots of advice she made me really strong.  


I was totally different person, I thought the way I treated my son is the best but I was mistaken. For over a week I have my life back, my son sleeping through the night without being fed as before Chris came.  I had to breastfeed him more than 5 times at night and I was tired through the day and tired of my son not taking solids just breastfeeding all I had to do was just eat and produce more breast milk and I just put on more weight and day after day I was depressed.  I didn’t want to go to children’s play center, nowhere because of being over tired but having Chris has changed everything, now I enjoy everything, my son is now eating three meals easily and not breastfeeding, but sleeping through the night.  We are so happy now. I advise everyone who’s having similar problems like me don’t hesitate to contact Chris because Chris she is the best sleep training nanny.


Stefanie, Harpenden

We contacted Chris to help us with our 6 month old son, after he went from being a great sleeper to sleeping 20 minutes at a time. Ben would require breast or rocking to fall asleep and would wake between 20 minutes and an hour before needing more help from me to return to sleep. We were all so chronically sleep deprived it was a miserable and exhausting couple [of months and he was crying about 4-6 hours a day. Chris came and spent time watching our routine, then coached us as we helped or son to learn that he could put himself to sleep. It was not as hard as I thought it would be and he learned very quickly. He cried less from the first night and slept until 7am! After just a few nights he knew the routine and he knew how to put himself to sleep. He now sleeps 11-12 hours a night and we have our lives back! Ben is happier, I am rested and enjoying being a mother much more.

Chris's experience, knowledge and confidence made us feel more confident- it was the best investment we made as parents so far!"


Lara, Primrose Hill

Chris came to our house for two nights and changed our lives. Chris was calm, kind and considerate. Her experience and knowledge instilled confidence in us.

What I feared would be a very difficult experience, turned out to be pretty easy and straightforward.

I wouldn't hesitate in recommending Chris and would happily provide any references required.


Charlotte, Islington

We were recommended Chris by parents in our NCT group. They told us how life changing her stay with them had been but, like a lot of new parents, we were convinced we knew our son best and could sort out our sleep problems on our own. After 10 months of broken sleep though we reached breaking point and contacted Chris for help. In just 2 nights she gave us the confidence to deal with night time settling and, crucially, the skills to do so calmly and without tearing strips off each other! We've gone from feeding a 10 month old through the night to him sleeping through in his own cot in just a couple of weeks and even managed to keep it up through chicken pox! We're so grateful for Chris' help and support.


Lisa & Dean, Chislehurst

Our daughter was four months old when i first contacted Chris on the recommendation of a friend. She wasn't sleeping at all well through the night - refusing to sleep in her cot and only happy if she was in our bed and attached to the breast, and even then she was still waking every couple of hours. It felt like she would be like that forever! Chris listened to our issues and concerns and suggested coming to sleep train our baby when she was six months old. As the weekend approached we were both dreading the prospect of leaving our little girl to cry and we were a bit sceptical as to how successful Chris would be.


In all honesty though, it was not at all as bad as we had envisaged and whilst our daughter put up a bit of a struggle for an hour on the first night, she did sleep through - and the same again on the second night. Chris was firm but fair and her approach was exactly what we needed to keep us on track. She provided us with little tips to help our daughter sleep through the night and gave us the confidence to implement her plan when she wasn't with us as well. We are now almost 10 days in and we have a totally different baby. She has been sleeping 7pm - 7am every night and actually seems to enjoy having a bit more structure. She is so much happier during the day and we spend quality time together as she is no longer grizzly from being overtired.

Chris was professional throughout her time with us, lovely towards our daughter and we really valued her input and advice.


She is a total genius - the ultimate sleep trainer and while I still don't know her secret, she is amazing and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend her to others.


Laura, Wood Green

It works! I know it seems unbelievable but it really does work and in our case in such a short time too. Our son was six months old and I was on my last legs. I was so sleep deprived I had become very anxious and had lost all confidence. I could only get Jack to sleep in the pram during the day and only if the pram was moving. At night he was waking every 1-2 hours. I was completely worn out so we asked Chris for help. Chris was very confident she could help us however I was worried that it wouldn’t work and would damage him. But, with Chris’s guidance, not only did Jack start sleeping through the night, I could also get him to sleep in his bed during the day ...YAY!!! No more walking in the rain. This has completely changed our lives and I can now start to enjoy my maternity leave. Chris was also kind enough to help us with weaning. In case you are apprehensive about the ‘cry it out method’ in our experience, Jack cried less with controlled crying than with other sleep training techniques where you remain in the room. Thanks Chris!


Georgia, Chiswick

Being the mother of triplet boys, with no family support in London (originally from Australia), Ian my partner and I have spent crazy amounts of money over 18 months on night nannies and sleep trainers. We worked out we had spent over £20,000 in 18 months - just to get some regular sleep 3 nights a week before a heavy work day. On average I would be up between 12 - 20 times a night and was an emotional and physical wreck! Out of the blue I googled sleep trainers and Chris’s website came up and I called her. Ian was very hesitant and highly suspicious at the extra money we would have to spend but I said we had to try it one more time. Chris came and explained that ‘we’ as parents had to do the tough work and she would tough it out with us. This had never been explained to us before and after the first night I had 4 hours straight sleep! The second night Chris came as agreed and I had more sleep! The boys have slept through ever since (part from the odd cold and fever issues).


I can’t thank Chris enough for her support and advice. Our only regret is that we didn’t find her earlier and we could have spent better quality time with our sons due to sleeping more and saved a lot of money. Please do not hesitate to contact me

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